Blackbird Hill, « Watery Eyes » (audio)


Le duo rock bordelais Blackbird Hill vient de mettre en ligne un tout nouveau single! Le morceau s’intitule « Watery Eyes » et est à découvrir ci-dessous. Retrouvez toute l’actualité et les dates du groupes sur le Facebook de Blackbird Hill.

Lyrics : » There ain’t no curse on me, I think it’s just bad luck, Nightmares won’t let me be, I’m trapped, I’m feeling stuck, Well I’m afraid of ghosts, I’ve seen watery eyes, And what scares me the most, Is their blackened haunted smiles, Come closer, come closer to me, And I’ll show you something cold, something real, And when I’m on my own, But I feel that someone’s there, I lay down on the ground, They fix me with a stare, There ain’t no curse on me, My pale friends watch my back, And each time I pray, I hear them in the dark, On both sides of the mirror, Shadows come to life, Nothing’s getting clearer, A pale hand a knife »